The inventory report is a detailed schedule of condition of the property and the items included in the tenancy agreement. This includes any fixures,Fittings and appliances.

Whether a  property is furnished or unfurnished, an inventory should be completed. Even if there is no Items in the property.

 Due to current market situation the need for precise inventory report from an Independent Industry recognized agents are vital.


All our reports are covered by approved independent clerks and with the use of Highly advance software accuracy of our reports are Prime.

Sample Report



A check in Service is where the Tenant meet Our Clerk at the beginning of their tenancy and with accompanied independent clerk for review and comments going through each room. They can make any notes or appropriate amendments.

Once they agreed on the report they can sign the inventory check in report and keys will be handed over. And the reports signed will be an Important document in the event of any disputes.

Sample Report



Based on the original Schedule of conditions at the start of tenancy Check out report will be created.This is the most important aspect of the tenancy,where depending on the size and period of the tenancy our experienced clerk will create a Check out report.With our sophisticated software the conversion of these changes of conditions are so accurate and avoid huge questions on delapidations,wear and tear and liabilities.

Not only Landlords but this help tenants as well in order to hand over their end of tenancy with efficiency and resolving any issues promptly.

Sample Report


Intrim Reprts or Mid terms Inspections becoming very essential part of ensuring and checking that the tenancy is going smoothly without any breaches and also give piece of mind to tenant ensuring that the landlords are looking after the property.This will highlight any issues on maintenance,leakage or negligence and gives landlords a better idea of the condition of the property.

Sample Report


We should be made aware in advance of any specific requirements , No responsibility can be taken if these are connected to main systems.smoke alarms will be push tested where possible using smoke alarm test kits.Police ,Fire brigades or Sprinkler systems in the event that these are triggered. It’s a necessity required by Agents and Landlords that these are tested at the beginning of tenancy unless otherwise stated.